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Bettina Berger, M.D., is a physician in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapie. After 12 years of clinical psychosomatic work she now offers psychotherapie for individuals and groups in private practice.

Hans-Joachim Diehl, HP, Dipl.-Paed., ECP, is a licensed psychotherapist. He is a trained family therapist with 12 years of professional experience as a substance abuse therapist, and is director of the Heidelberg Child Protection Agency. Hajo also works as a Hakomi therapist in private practice, and as a Hakomi workshop teacher and training assistant. He is currently the Hakomi representative for the Forum of the European Body-Psychotherapy Association.

Uta Günther, Dipl.-Psych., ECP, is a fully accredited clinical psychologist with training in a variety of psychotherapeutic and body-psychotherapeutic modalities (Rogerian, NLP, Psychodrama, art therapy, Rolfing, etc.). Early in her career she has founded a public psychological counselling center, which she she directed for many years. Today she works in private practice with groups and individuals, and teaches Hakomi workshops as well as segments of Hakomi trainings.

Ute Helmers, Dipl.Psych., is a fully accredited clinical psychologist with a training in person-centered-psychotherapy (Carl Rogers), as well as psychodynamic therapy. She is also a clinical neuropsychologist. Ute has been working as a psychotherapist in neurological rehabilitation for 14 years and offers now psychotherapy for individuals and couples in private practice.

Helga Holzapfel, HP, ECP, is a licensed psychotherapist, body- and movement therapist, and a Postural Integrator, with 7 years of professional experience in a psychiatric hospital. She maintains a private practice and a residential seminars center near Passau, Germany, with her husband, Uli Holzapfel, and is our lead trainer in Berlin, Munich and Vienna.

Ulrich Holzapfel, HP, ECP, is a licensed psychotherapist. Ulrich (Uli) had his original training as a state-licensed art teacher. As a psychotherapist he was also trained in systemic family therapy (V. Satir) and as a Pesso Therapist. Uli teaches Pesso and Hakomi workshops, and is our lead trainer in the Essen, Zurich and Berlin trainings.

Stefanie Mayer, Psychologist (Master of Applied Psychology), first job as a speech therapist, certified HAKOMI® therapist with further training in trauma psychotherapy, systemic and humanistic therapy. She is offering workshops in HAKOMI. She has long experience in clinical psychosomatic work and is working in private practice in Zurich

Halko Weiss, Ph.D., Dipl.-Psych., ECP, supervisor (BDP) is a licensed clinical psychologist, co-founder and Senior Trainer of the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, USA, as well as International Director of the Hakomi Institute of Europe in Heidelberg, Germany. Halko has worked as a therapist since1973, in private practice and in a number of institutions. Since 1978 he has also been a psychotherapy trainer in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia. Additionally, he works as a trainer and coach for executives within international corporations, such as DaimlerChrysler. Halko has published a number of books and articles, among them the new “Handbook of Bodypsychotherapy” (2004, with G. Marlock, eds.)

Dagmar Wernicke, HP, ECP, is a licensed psychotherapist with 15 years of experience in a large variety of humanistic and body-oriented psychotherapeutic modalities. She has taught many Hakomi workshops and training segments. Dagmar is also working in private practice, with individuals, couples, and groups, and as a supervisor for therapists. For several years she has also done training and coaching with executives of international corporations.

Patricia Wurll, Ph. D., HP, is a licensed psychotherapist. Her background is in sports education. She worked psychotherapeutically in psychosomatic and neurological hospitals for twelve years, and is now in private practice. Patricia has been assisting in Hakomi trainings, and has started to offer Hakomi workshops with an emphasis in her own special interest: therapeutic archery.

Christian Gottwald, M.D., is a physician for psychotherapeutic medicine, neurologist and psychiatrist. He has had comprehensive training in a number of modalities of humanistic psychotherapy, and is an accredited psychoanalysis trainer. He has worked as a psychotherapist since 1975, and has led his own institute since 1977. Christian maintains a private practice where he offers individual and group therapy. He has taught Hakomi in workshop and training settings, and has been active in interfacing body-psychotherapy with the medical community.

Nicole Gäbler, Dipl.Psych., is a fully accredited clinical psychologist for children and adults, trained in psychodynamic therapy and a number of Humanistic Psychology systemic methods. She worked for many years in different somatic and psychiatric hospitals and institutions with children, adolescents, and adults and is now in private practice in Berlin. Nicole is assisting in Hakomi trainings and is teaching Hakomi WS, especially Hakomi for children.

Pascal Storz, HP Psych.
Glogauer Str. 17A
10999 Berlin
+49 176 650 37 164

Pascal Storz, HP, is a licensed psychotherapist. Pascal originally studied visual communication and editorial design in Basel, New York and Leipzig. He’s a longtime meditator and has studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism and later Advaita Vedanta for nearly 30 years now. As a therapist, he was also trained in Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS) by Jon Eisman. He has been assisting in Hakomi trainings and is offering workshops in Hakomi and R-CS. He is also working in private practice in Berlin.