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Hakomi Pacifica

Australia / New Zealand Team

Hakomi Pacifica

The Pacifica Team has been offering Hakomi Comprehensive Trainings in New Zealand since 1992 and in Australia since 1995. Our team is a culturally diverse mix of trainers and teachers spread far and wide geographically but near and dear in our connection, thanks to our collective mission to bring Hakomi to as many people as we can Down Under.

As a team we endeavour to teach in a manner that stays true to the spirit and methods of Hakomi but also weaves in and incorporates the uniqueness of our Australian and New Zealand cultures. We continue to run all our trainings and workshops In-Person, and our training modules run for 5-6 days each, which gives students a wonderful immersion into the Hakomi material and essence as well as an in-depth relational experience within the group. Many of our students make friends for life.


About Our Trainings

All our Comprehensive Trainings are offered In-Person over a total of nine modules of 5-6 days each spread over 2-3 years. In Australia trainings are offered in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, and in New Zealand training is offered in Taupo. Our Comprehensive Training is divided into three levels, to make it more accessible, as we invite students from a broad range of disciplines to study with us.



Karen Baikie

Jules Morgaine 


Team Faculty

Certified Hakomi Trainers

Jules Morgaine (she/her) MHP PBANZ MNZAP CHT

Suhari Mommsen-Bohm (she/her) PBANZ NZAP CHT

Karen Baikie (she/her) MClinPsych PhD MAPS FCCLP SEP CHT

Pernilla Siebenfreund (she/her) SEP CHT

Manuela Mischke-Reeds (she/her) MA MFT CHT

Halko Weiss (he/his) PhD CHT

Certified Hakomi Teachers

Sarah Tait-Jamieson (she/her) MHScPsychoTh MNZAP MNZAC CHT

Aladdin Jones (he/his) MEd CHT

Deb Algar (she/her) DipHolCouns CHT

Carolyn Crawford (she/her) RGON RM BSocSc CHT

Miranda Miller (she/her) BScOT CHT


Upcoming Trainings

Comprehensive Training Level 1:
Hakomi Fundamental Relationship Skills

  • Brisbane – April to August 2024
  •  Sydney – May to August 2024
  •  Perth – May to July 2024
  •  New Zealand – September to November 2024

Comprehensive Training Level 2:
Hakomi Professional Skills Training

  • Melbourne – May 2024 to February 2025
  • Sydney – November 2024 to August 2025
  • Perth – November 2024 to July 2025
  • New Zealand – March to September 2025

Comprehensive Training Level 3:
Hakomi Advanced Clinical Skills

  • Sydney – March to October 2024
  • New Zealand – March 2024 to March 2025

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