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Hakomi Institute of Europe

Hakomi Europe

Our team was created in 1982, so we have a lot of experience in bringing Hakomi to people! We are now in the third generation of trainers. 3-4 trainings are taking place in Germany and Austria. We meet 3 times a year in person to discuss, bond, organize and do whatever Hakomis do when they come together.

Our trainings are 3 years long because we believe it is important to be thorough and to have enough time to integrate the depth of the Hakomi method. In 2006 we became “professional” and created a new website and a well organized office. That was a big change!

Every few years we organize a summer camp for former and new Hakomis. We invite great people such as Al Pesso, or  Marianne Bentzen, who give us new impulses and inspiration in the field of neuroscience, emotional development research, etc. It’s always a great and inspiring event!


About Our Trainings

In-Person 3 Year long Trainings and shorter workshops.  Current Locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt


Team Faculty

Certified Hakomi Trainers

Bettina Berger, M.D.

Hans-Joachim Diehl, HP, Dipl.-Paed., ECP

Ute Helmers, Dipl.Psych.

Helga Holzapfel, HP, ECP

Ulrich Holzapfel, HP, ECP

Halko Weiss, Ph.D., Dipl.-Psych., ECP, supervisor (BDP)

Dagmar Wernicke, HP, ECP

Patricia Wurll, Ph. D., HP

Certified Hakomi Teachers

Nicole Gabler, Dipl.Psych.

Christian Gottwald, M.D.

Stefanie Mayer

Pascal Storz, HP Psych.


Upcoming Trainings

Please visit our website for the latest information.