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Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy combines advances in neuroscience with the gentle inward-looking practice of Mindfulness.

Compassionate presence and respect for the body’s wisdom is at the heart of everything we do.

Since 1981, the Hakomi Institute has provided training in the original method of Hakomi founded by Ron Kurtz.

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What is Hakomi?

A Pioneer in mindfulness and experiential psychotherapy for over 40 years

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What Makes Hakomi Training   different?

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Hakomi practitioners use the body as a   doorway to the psyche.

90% of communication is nonverbal — and yet the wealth of information that the body communicates is rarely used as a therapeutic tool.

The body’s intelligence knows things that neither we nor our clients know about the source of their unwanted attitudes and behavior. Hakomi practitioners learn to track and explore subtle somatic cues (i.e., facial expressions, breathing, tensions, postures, and movement patterns) that indicate the presence of unconscious psychological material. 

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The healing   relationship is central to Hakomi.

Therapeutic outcomes depend largely on the personhood of the therapist.

By intentionally shifting into expanded states of consciousness, Hakomi practitioners develop an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others. Hakomi training facilitates the emergence of a heart-centered welcoming presence in the practitioner, reducing client resistance and fostering a sense of safety and connection in the healing relationship.

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We focus on the practitioner's growth,
not just their knowledge.

Few healing methods address the practitioner’s inner development sufficiently.

Our approach to learning grows practitioners from the inside out, building competence with the method and awareness of one’s gifts and edges as a provider. We use interactive teaching methods to foster engaging live or virtual learning communities. Trainees have authentic encounters with themselves and other students, creating a rich journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Join a   community of worldwide practitioners dedicated to creating a more conscious, compassionate and connected humankind.

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Hakomi opened a portal to heal my heart.

Since the day I crossed with this approach so much shifted in my life. The way I see psychotherapy, how I work with clients and, most important of all, the way I relate to myself changed. I feel much more connected and alive. It’s a wonderful and fulfilling path."
Rossana Appolloni
Somatic Psychotherapist, Portugal
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My Hakomi Comprehensive Training has been a very special group...

...a loving family I really didn't expect. I feel quite fortunate to have found myself in this wildly magical Hakomi world.
Douglas Taylor
, MA, M.Ed, NCC, Tennessee
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Whether you are new to Hakomi or an advanced practitioner, we have

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If you’re new to the Hakomi method, start here. Our Introductory workshops and Mindful Pause sessions are open to everyone and do not require a background in psychology.

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Hakomi Trainings are primarily for psychotherapists, graduate students, and interns in mental health. We also welcome qualified professionals in related fields who want to use the transformational skills of Hakomi in their work.

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