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Hakomi Institute of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hakomi Calgary

Our Calgary team is made up of two principle faculty, Jaci Hull, LMFT, lead trainer and Anna Harland, MSW, RSW, Senior Teacher. Along with other guest faculty from Hakomi of Canada, Jaci has been teaching in Calgary for over 20 years and has trained over 100 students. Jaci welcomed Anna Harland on board in 2017. As a team, Jaci and Anna share a high standard for teaching The Hakomi Method, for developing and maintaining the health of the learning cohort and the support and promotion of diversity in the Hakomi Professional Community of Canada


About Our Trainings

Our trainings are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and include 3 in-person blocks in Calgary and 11 on-line weekends.




Team Faculty

Certified Hakomi Trainers

Jaci Hull, LMFT

Anna Harland, MSW, RSW

Other guest trainers from the Hakomi Canada Faculty. We also bring on highly experienced assistants who we consider to be particularly skilled as Hakomi therapists and who share our values when teaching The Hakomi Method.


Upcoming Trainings

Healing Presence, An Introduction to the Hakomi Method

FACULTY: Jaci Hull, LMFT, Senior Hakomi Trainer & Anna Harland, MSW, Certified Hakomi

MODE: Live Online


The Hakomi Method offers gentle, effective and collaborative techniques that give both client and therapist a pathway to understand the core early experiences, beliefs, and […]

Two Year Comprehensive Training

FACULTY: Jaci Hull, LMFT, Certified Hakomi Trainer & Therapist; Anna Harland, MSW, Certified Hakomi Teacher & Therapist

MODE: Hybrid

LOCATION & ZONE: Online and in Calgary, A.B.,

Calgary Calgary, A.B., Canada

In this training, students learn to develop an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others, and to convey this understanding. ¬†This empathy and responsiveness helps to […]

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