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Certified Hakomi Therapist (CHT) or Certified Hakomi Practitioner (CHP)


Certified Hakomi Therapist” is the title for licensed mental health professionals who use the Hakomi Method as a primary or adjunct approach in their psychotherapy practices. 


Certified Hakomi Practitioner” is the title for those who integrate Hakomi in one or more related fields — for instance, bodywork, coaching, or pastoral services — but do not perform psychotherapy.

All therapists and practitioners in this Directory must adhere to their local laws and licensing regulations concerning the practice of psychotherapy and the use of related titles. They must also follow the Hakomi Institute Code of Ethics, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Statement, and the ethical guidelines of their profession.

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Please accept the following Terms of Use:

  1. Certification does not imply legal endorsement by the Hakomi Institute of the practitioner.
  2. We do not confirm practitioners’ credentials or authorization to practice as mental health professionals. For this reason, we encourage users to assess the personal fit of anyone they choose to work with and to research their qualifications accordingly.
  3. Clients seeking therapists with a specific specialization (e.g., trauma therapy, addictions, couples therapy, child or adolescent therapy, etc.) should inquire if the therapist has training and experience in these areas.
  4. The Hakomi Institute does not warrant or otherwise assume responsibility for the services provided by these practitioners or their competency to provide such services.
  5. The Hakomi Institute assumes no liability for any claim resulting from using this Directory of Therapists and Practitioners or for the activities of any individuals Certified by the Hakomi Institute.
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