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The Path to Learning Hakomi

For more than 40 years, the Hakomi Institute has offered our unique brand of experiential workshops and training programs in

Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

Our Offerings

Find the Hakomi Learning Path that fits you best:

Our Work

If you’re new to the Hakomi method, start here. Our Introductory workshops and Mindful Pause sessions are open to everyone and do not require a background in psychology.

with Us

Hakomi Trainings are primarily for psychotherapists, graduate students, and interns in mental health. We also welcome qualified professionals in related fields who want to use the transformational skills of Hakomi in their work.

Your Skills

Explore ways to continue your learning journey including certification support, continuing education, and assisting at workshops and trainings.

Blue Quotation Marks

It has been the most powerful journey I have ever taken.

Thomas Ruettgers
M.A., Psychotherapist, Germany

Intro Workshops

Embark on your Hakomi journey with an Introductory Workshop.

Our introductory workshops will introduce you to the principles and techniques of the Hakomi Method and give you an embodied sense of whether it fits you well.

Intro workshops vary in topic and are usually 1-3 days long. Both professionals and individuals who want to experience the spirit of Hakomi are welcome to attend intro workshops.

Beyond a way to sample the mindful and experiential aspects of the work, intro workshops are also prerequisites for attending Hakomi trainings. You are required to complete twelve workshop hours prior to applying for a Hakomi training.

Looking for Something Shorter?

Check out our bite-sized Community Offerings – a free or low-cost way to get a taste of Hakomi. 

Experience Hakomi from Within

Working with a Hakomi therapist or practitioner is an excellent way to learn about Hakomi from the inside out. Check out the Practitioner Directory to search for someone in your area to work with in-person or find practitioners who provide online sessions.

Blue Quotation Marks

Excellent – rich and satisfying.

“Hakomi has expanded me as a person and as a therapist. The trainers were exceptional – all were superlative. The training enables you to deepen self-awareness, become more present, and learn to work with inner and outer challenges with ease, compassion and honesty – and then help others to do the same.”
Debra Babarsky
Ph.D, L.P.C., Virginia

Hakomi Trainings

For professionals interested in learning Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

The Comprehensive Training

The Comprehensive Training is a good choice if you're a psychotherapist, counselor, or graduate student. We also welcome coaches, educators, spiritual counselors, bodyworkers, and healthcare professionals who aspire to incorporate Hakomi's transformative skills into their work to apply. 

The Comprehensive Training provides an immersion into the Hakomi Method and is particularly suitable for those seeking certification. It includes supervised practice, live demonstrations of Hakomi sessions, group-building activities, and instruction in advanced skills and maps. Typically spanning two or more years, these trainings often blend in-person sessions with online modules.

The Professional Skills Training

If you're a mental health professional, consider applying for the Professional Skills Training — an accelerated online program focused on imparting core skills rather than the complete Hakomi Method. This training is exclusively designed for licensed therapists, counselors, and occasionally graduate students specializing in psychotherapy.

How to Choose a Training

We recommend selecting a training within your time zone or geographical area. Even for virtual programs, coordinating student groups and practice sessions becomes more convenient, fostering a local community. Each training on our calendar provides detailed information on format and hours. While program names, schedules, and durations may differ, the core teachings remain consistent across all Hakomi training programs, with each trainer meeting rigorous quality standards. Additionally, program tuition varies based on local economies, staff size, and the costs associated with live or hybrid formats.

Admissions Criteria

Admission decisions for the Comprehensive and Professional Skills Training Programs hinge on the applicant's professional experience within a helping or healing framework, education, personal development, and opportunities to work one-on-one with practice clients.


Upon graduation, we strongly encourage you to refine your skills to become a Certified Hakomi Therapist or Practitioner. This journey serves as a powerful means of embodying the work. It's important to note that certification is proficiency-based. It is not granted automatically or tied to specific training hours.

Blue Quotation Marks

This training gets my highest recommendation.

It excels in all the right ways, as an effective method of psychotherapy and as a transformative personal process. I loved the hands on, experiential method of the training itself, and enjoyed learning something that really WORKS in the office with clients – I’m already helping people with this gentle and powerful work. Not only have I been well-trained in a modality that I’m already using successfully, but I’ve also personally transformed in ways I’ve always longed for.
Lucien Renjilian-Burgy
Registered Psychotherapist, Colorado

Post Graduate Opportunities

Refine Your Hakomi Skills After Graduation​

Continuing Education for Professional Development 

Our continuing education programs aim to enhance the growth and application of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy beyond the core curriculum. These programs cover diverse topics such as Trauma, Neuropsychology, Attachment, Diversity, Couples, System Dimensions of Hakomi, Groups as Living Systems, Spirituality and Psychology, Body practices from the Hakomi Perspective, Touch Work, Hakomi Methodology Review, and Advanced Study.

Certification Support

Participating in a peer-led study group can be a valuable source of support for individuals on the certification path. Certain faculty members offer individual mentoring or lead groups that provide constructive feedback on live or recorded sessions, contributing to a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Become an Assistant

Becoming an assistant is a great way to deepen your skills in the Hakomi method. After graduation, you are invited to apply for a position as a training assistant. Assisting is an excellent opportunity to further enhance your proficiency in Hakomi, allowing you to revisit the material and observe demonstrations. Assistants perform diverse roles, providing support to both faculty and students in workshops and extended programs.

Repeat the Training

Graduates are welcome to attend one or both levels of the training again. Some teams offer a substantial discount on tuition for graduates. Please contact the team you'd like to study with to inquire.