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Hakomi Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Training

Hakomi Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Training

A Professional In-Person Somatic Training

for Clinicians in the Bay Area, USA and Sydney, Australia

Hakomi Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Training (HPAP)

This HPAP training offers a transformative learning journey where the profound wisdom of the Hakomi method converges with the expanding field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. 

At the intersection of mindfulness, deep self-exploration, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, our clinical training program merges insights into The Hakomi Method with the evolving landscape of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. 

The HPAP training will teach practitioners the skills and techniques necessary to guide clients through the processes of preparing, facilitating, and integrating psychedelic as well as non-medicine expanded states, such as breathwork and meditative states.Our HPAP training program is where the two worlds of psychedelics and psychotherapy converge.

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends the wisdom of the Hakomi method with the life-changing potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. We provide the knowledge and skills needed to guide clients through their inner journeys, fostering profound healing, growth, and self-discovery.

Learn the power of Hakomi’s relational philosophy to create profound safety for exploring expanded states of consciousness based on ethics, legal frameworks, and therapist self-awareness. These skills are applicable to all aspects of psychedelic psychotherapy, including preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences, as well as deep-dive psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy sessions.

Designed for Licensed Clinicians​

This training is designed for licensed practitioners to facilitate in-depth somatic processes, non-verbal states, imagery, and ethically safe touch work in integrative relational therapy.

Enrollment and Start Dates

Enrollments starts February 15th, 2024 for California, and early Fall for Australia.

  • The Northern California Training will start in June 2024.
  • The Sydney, Australia Training will start Fall 2024.

Dates will be announced soon.

For more Details on HPAP

Visit embodywise.com for more information about the training. 
Contact: info@embodywise.com

To read Hakomi Institute’s Position Statement on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy click here.