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Working with a Hakomi Practitioner

Embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery with our certified therapists and practitioners.

Our compassionate guides provide a warm and welcoming space to explore Hakomi and gain an intimate understanding of yourself.

What to Expect

When Working with a Hakomi Practitioner

Hakomi will help you to develop your understanding and experience of body-mind integration.

It is a principle common to holistic health and Hakomi that emotional stress is stored in the body and may manifest as chronic tension or illness. In Hakomi psychotherapy, we use specific techniques to “access” these established tension, movement, and posture patterns, as they can lead us to the beliefs, memories, and experiences that generated them.

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The therapist or practitioner will cultivate an attitude and atmosphere of loving presence, acceptance, and safety.

Although they may offer insights and ways to explore something, Hakomi therapists and practitioners will not insist that their professional expertise is superior to your internal wisdom.

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Much of the work will be in mindfulness.

You will turn inward to study your present experience rather than talk about your history. Sometimes, the therapist may propose an experiment to see how your beliefs convert experience into meaning and feeling. Later in the work, you and your therapist will co-design ways to transform limiting beliefs by integrating whatever your system needs to heal and grow, such as “missing experiences” of safety, belonging, care, support, acceptance, choice, freedom, power, and relaxation.


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