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Hakomi Colorado / Northeast Team

Colorado and Northeast, U.S.A.

Hakomi Colorado / Northeast

The Colorado/Northeast Hakomi team has a deep history in Colorado and the Northeast that spans the last 30 years. We’ve trained over 750 students in our Comprehensive Trainings, and close to 2000 people in Intro Workshops. We aim to continuously develop and refine our training approach, in collaboration with our Hakomi colleagues around the world. 

Our team currently offers an innovative Hybrid structure that meets two Fridays a month live-online, with four in person immersions over Levels 1 & 2. One third of our live class hours are in person. The online cohorts include students and teaching assistants from 13 states, while in person modules meet in smaller groups regionally. We love this mix because it provides students access to a larger faculty and more diverse cohort online, with a more intimate group experience for in person modules. 

As a faculty we are passionate about our own growth and development as a team. We continue to update our curriculum and practices to increase accessibility and inclusion for people in marginalized communities. We will continue to integrate new learning in the fields of neuroscience, attachment theory, cultural impacts on identity, and trauma recovery – including intergenerational and collective trauma. 


About Our Trainings

We offer Levels 1 & 2 Comprehensive Training that are a hybrid of live online and in-person training. Our in person immersions are held in Colorado and Philadelphia. We also offer Advanced Supervision Training in person, both in Boulder, CO and near NYC. 




Team Faculty

Certified Hakomi Trainers

Melissa Grace MA, CHT

Jaci Hull LMFT, CHT

Certified Hakomi Teachers

Sylvie Lam LPC, CHT

Kate Mazuy LPC, CHT

Joe Soma LPC, CHT

Ariana Tosatto LPC, CHT


Upcoming Trainings