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Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs

Specialty programs are developed by Hakomi Faculty and are Hakomi-inspired or informed. 

Over years of practice and study, many Hakomi Faculty have developed special programs for healing professionals and the general public. The programs listed here are not associated with the Hakomi Institute International operations. 

Please direct your inquiries to the contact person for each program.


The HEART Program, developed by Hakomi Co-Founder Halko Weiss, is a profound, heart-opening training program for cultivating meaningful personal connections. Departing from the conventional one-way therapeutic model, where the therapist aids the client, HEART equips participants for the intricate dynamics of relationships that value the uniqueness of both individuals. Its core mission is to facilitate significant self-exploration and unlock the transcendental potential within relationships of all kinds.

Aligned with Hakomi’s guiding principles, this in-person program creates a supportive environment for personal growth that emphasizes presence, systemic understanding, and cultivating compassion and self-compassion. It teaches a set of specific mindfulness-based skills and combines theory, methodology, and experiential learning to deepen bonds of love, foster meaningful real-world interactions, and equip therapists to support their clients with tools to navigate the complexities of their relationship challenges.

Contact: halko@halkoweiss.com


MatrixWorks is a revolutionary group process that utilizes principles of New Science, Whole Systems Thinking, Hakomi Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Contemporary Psychology. It fosters leadership that supports the growth and development of healthy functioning teams and groups. It supports the transformative emergence of ‘Group Genius’ where relationships become collaborative, and mutuality and cooperation become new norms that promote wellbeing. By focusing on the relationships between team members, the overall culture and purpose of work, trust is strengthened. Through Matrixworks, team members learn unique ways to deal with conflicts and chaos. The team learns to function as a’ living body’, i.e., a Living System,accessing collective intelligence and accomplishing tasks of bringing forth products, ideas, and new brands that are right for the current marketplace.

Website: matrixworkslivingsystems.com

Mindfulness Centered Couples Therapy (MCCT)

How to Use Mindfulness and the Body with Couples

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools in changing difficult couples dynamics. Externally focused mindfulness allows the therapist to notice the subtle messages each partner communicates directly from their implicit beliefs and models of the world. Internally focused mindfulness allows clients to “act in” instead of “acting out” with each other. It assists them to gently access and talk about deep levels of delicate material that underlie the repetitive patterns in which they become mired. They can step out of adversarial and into vulnerable and collaborative interactions.

Working experientially, mindfully, somatically, and from an attachment perspective adds significant depth, impact and aliveness for therapist and client alike. Trainings include theoretical information, demonstrations and skills development practices to help master this complex, emotional and rewarding field of couples therapy.

Website: robfishermft.com
Contact Rob Fisher at: wildtemple@aol.com

Passion and Presence

Passion and Presence® integrates the curious experiential spirit of Hakomi to gently awaken, restore, or deepen eros within long-term relationships. At the core of our approach is the cultivation of “Awakened Intimacy,” empowering partners to harness the erotic portal for healing and growth. Through our array of offerings, including couples retreats, online courses, and a comprehensive certificate training in Mindful Couples Sex Therapy, we design transformative experiences that celebrate erotic expression and nurture deep, intimate bonds.

Website: https://www.passionandpresence.com
Contact: Ashley Dean, Program Coordinator, at info@passionandpresence.com

Primary Attachment Therapy

Primary Attachment Therapy (P.A.T.) provides a comprehensive map for exploring the implicit learning from our earliest development – to resolve early attachment wounding and support the pursuit of satisfying relationship with self, others, and the world. P.A.T. builds on the principles, tools, and techniques of Hakomi, and is deeply informed by Interpersonal Neurobiology and CIMBS (Complex Integration of Multiples Brain Systems), developed by Beatrix & Terry Sheldon. Working with attachment states as fluid rather than fixed, P.A.T. blends brain science and deep limbic attunement to evolve individuals, coupled, and other intimate relationship toward greater security.

Our trainings offer a supportive context for refining your own attachment responses and deepening your capacity for professional intimacy as a practitioner, which is adaptable for a range of helping contexts. P.A.T. is creative, optimistic, loving, simple, nuanced, forgiving, surprising, sometimes paradoxical, and always exceedingly human. We offer workshops, 6-day intensives, and practitioner consultation and practice groups in the U.S. and internationally.

Right Use of Power

Right Use of Power (or right relationship with power) is embodied and engaged ethics through the larger lens of understanding complex power dynamics as they affect therapy, coaching and teaching relationships. The book–Right Use of Power of Power, by Dr. Cedar Barstow, Hakomi Trainer Emerita, and the Trainings and other resources are grounded in and informed by Hakomi principles and experiential self-reflective practices. As an educational institute we actively focus on the exploration of the nature of power to illuminate its gifts and transform its perils. We engage and support people in learning to use their personal, role, status, and systemic powers with both strength and heart.

Website: www.rightuseofpower.org
Contact Program Director:  training@rightuseofpower.org

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