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Meeting the Deepest Self: An Introduction to the Hakomi Method

Calgary Calgary, A.B., Canada

The Hakomi Method offers gentle, effective and collaborative techniques that give both client and therapist a pathway to understand the core early experiences, beliefs, and somatic patterns that go with […]

A Mindful Pause: Loving Presence

Join us for a brief mindfulness practice offering a sense of loving presence, a foundation of the Hakomi Method. We'll share in 5-10 minutes of practice, share a bit about […]

Hakomi and Group Genius

Using the foundational Matrixworks model of Groups-as-Living Systems, this class unleashes the potential for Group Genius in any team or group. Participants learn to: ACCESS: Collective Intelligence in 4 easy […]

A Sense of Hakomi (Mini-Workshop)

Curious about Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy? Join us for a small taste of what it's like to experience a training. This two-hour workshop will be part didactic, part experiential. We'll […]

Hakomi Coaching: The Embodied Coach

Embodiment is a fundamental practice and mindset in the Hakomi method. To stay grounded and emotionally regulated can be challenged with some clients. Embodiment techniques can help you to stay […]

Level 2 Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy Comprehensive Training, Southeast

Flat Rock, NC Sanctuary in the Pines 34 Lake Cove Rd., Flat Rock, NC, United States

Description Designed for those individuals who have completed at least 120 hours of training in Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy, the Character series focuses on the map of character theory and practice. […]

Hakomi Somatic Coaching – Certificate Program

Hakomi Somatic Coaching (HSC) Certificate Program is a professional program that integrates core Hakomi methodology into a coaching framework. This online training will focus on developing mindful and somatic awareness […]

3-Year Advanced Module Comprehensive Hakomi Therapist Training

Mallorca Mallorca

The Comprehensive Hakomi Therapist Training offers students a substantial education on the Hakomi Method in a format that supports their personal growth on many levels. The Tenets of mindfulness combined with a regular […]

Hakomi and Somatic Trauma Healing

Tending to one’s innate body wisdom is essential both for personal wellbeing and for sustaining the complexity of trauma recovery. The healing journey from trauma is multidimensional, as it touches the individual, collective to the historical experience. Learning how we have been shaped by the various trauma systems somatically is a critical component to self-healing. We can meet this complexity by allying with our own nervous system through the moving-sensing non-verbal realm. 

Hakomi Comprehensive Training

Calgary Calgary, A.B., Canada

In this training, students learn to develop an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others, and to convey this understanding.  This empathy and responsiveness helps to create a deep sense of […]

Working with Disavowed and Undervalued Parts

“Disavowed and undervalued parts” are those parts of us that we try to ignore, suppress, or hide from ourselves.
In this workshop, we will learn how to work skillfully with disavowed and undervalued parts. This will take us on a group journey of facing this very present phenomenon (in its many forms), learning how to frame it skillfully with clients, working with accompanying shame systems, and providing corrective experiences for clients.

The Body and Mindfulness in Depth Psychology

Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands

Basic Principles of Hakomi MSP The curiosity, warmth, presence, and compassion of a mindful therapist, what we call “Loving Presence,” creates a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for clients to explore themselves […]



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