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Hakomi and Group Genius

Using the foundational Matrixworks model of Groups-as-Living Systems, this class unleashes the potential for Group Genius in any team or group. Participants learn to: ACCESS: Collective Intelligence in 4 easy steps CRYSTALIZE: Emergence Cycle of Connection, Chaos, Consciousness EXPLORE: Polarities, Permissions, and Personalities that make or break a ‘dream team’ and re-stabilize team members Our […]

Hakomi and Somatic Trauma Healing

Tending to one’s innate body wisdom is essential both for personal wellbeing and for sustaining the complexity of trauma recovery. The healing journey from trauma is multidimensional, as it touches the individual, collective to the historical experience. Learning how we have been shaped by the various trauma systems somatically is a critical component to self-healing. We can meet this complexity by allying with our own nervous system through the moving-sensing non-verbal realm. 

Working with Disavowed and Undervalued Parts

“Disavowed and undervalued parts” are those parts of us that we try to ignore, suppress, or hide from ourselves.
In this workshop, we will learn how to work skillfully with disavowed and undervalued parts. This will take us on a group journey of facing this very present phenomenon (in its many forms), learning how to frame it skillfully with clients, working with accompanying shame systems, and providing corrective experiences for clients.



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