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Event Series Working with the Child

Working with the Child

FACULTY: Jaci Hull, M.A., L.M.F.T.

MODE: Live Online

LOCATION & ZONE: Online - Live via Zoom, Mountain Time

Illuminating the Hakomi Therapist’s stance when working with the child state, a brief review of tracking for and contacting the child state, the 13 tasks of working with the child state, helping the client tell their child stories using character theory, child development, family systems theory and your own child experience. 

Clinical Intimacy: The Power of the Transpiring Present Moment

FACULTY: Donna Roy, MS, LPC, CHT and Jessica Montgomery, MSW, CHT

MODE: Live Online


The native time zone of the body is the present moment. Attachment-informed interventions invite a powerfully immediate version of shared awareness, reflecting the timeless quality […]

Bringing Hakomi’s Wisdom into the Heart of Your Relationships

FACULTY: Halko Weiss and Maci Daye

MODE: Live Online

LOCATION & ZONE: Online - Live via Zoom, Eastern Standard Time

Enter the realm of real-life connections – with partners, family members, friends, and co-workers – where the delicate balance of understanding others and expressing our own needs becomes an art. 

Working with Pre-judgment States: An Advanced Hakomi Workshop

FACULTY: Shai Lavie, Emmy Akiyama, and Karen Daley

MODE: Live Online

LOCATION & ZONE: Online - Live, Pacific

In this workshop, participants will learn to work with systems of self-judgment in which clients commonly get stuck.  We will focus on the following steps […]

Primary Attachment Therapy Training (In Person, Portland, Oregon)


MODE: In-Person, Hybrid

LOCATION & ZONE: Portland, Oregon The Overlook House, Pacific

Portland, Oregon

P.A.T. therapists support clients in building secure relationships using mindful, immediate engagement processes in a safe and loving therapeutic container. Primary Attachment Therapy (P.A.T.) provides […]



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