Overview of Hakomi Workshops
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Hakomi Workshop

The purpose of our workshops is to introduce students to the core principles, topics, and concepts of the method. Since each Trainer holds a different background and has their own expertise, they will present the core curriculum differently; you may want to review the faculty members bios here, to learn more about each Trainer. To learn more about the workshop, we suggest reviewing the flyer for a description and workshop objectives.

Introductory workshops introduce the principles and basic techniques of the Hakomi method, including the psychodynamic use of mindfulness and nonviolence in psychotherapy, the use of somatic (body-centered) techniques, and the foundation of loving presence.

Workshops are highly experiential, and skilled instructors teach, illustrate and demonstrate the concepts and methodology, including use of the Hakomi method to rapidly and safely access core, unconscious material.

Instructors guide participants through exercises designed to contact, experience, and study core aspects of themselves and others. Working singly, in pairs, or in small groups, members use Hakomi methodology to begin to explore how core formative experiences and beliefs influence and shape personal choices.

As introductory workshops are designed for both professionals as well as individuals interested in experiencing Hakomi, they provide the participant with tools which can be used both professionally in the therapeutic context, and personally to enhance understanding of self and others, deepen relationships and improve communication.

Participants report numerous positive results from attending Hakomi workshops, including:

  1. An understanding of the principles and applications of the Hakomi method.
  2. The introduction of a set of skills which can be immediately useful with clients.
  3. An increased sense of mindfulness and somatic awareness.
  4. A deeper awareness of self and greater capacity to relate with others .
  5. A deeply positive and satisfying experience.

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Hakomi Training

In the U.S., completion of at least 12 hours of an Introduction workshop(s) is the required prerequisite for applying to Hakomi Comprehensive & Professional Skills Training. Additional prerequisites for a specific training (if any) will be stated in the training description.

If you are interested in applying for training, we highly recommend attending a workshop in the same region/with the same team you will be applying for. Training with the team closest to where you live also gives you an opportunity to connect with other Hakomi students and practitioners in your community.

Hakomi Comprehensive Training is usually 60 training days (325 contact hours), and is our primary format for teaching the complete Hakomi Method. Students may enroll in the entire two-year training, or in many locations enroll first in Year One and continue into Year Two. These trainings are designed for professionals and graduate students in psychotherapy, counseling, and social work; and also open to certain individuals working in related fields (e.g. coaching, acupuncture, and other healing fields), or transitioning into the field of counseling and psychotherapy. This is also the primary training for those seeking certification in the Hakomi Method.

Professionals Skills Training are approximately 120-200 hours, and is primarily open to professionals practicing psychotherapy, counseling, and social work, and may accept graduate students in these fields. These trainings are mainly designed for those seeking to learn specific skills, and can also be a track for those seeking certification in the Hakomi Method.

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