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Susann von Meijenfeldt is a certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher, as well as a licensed Social Worker in Alberta. She has practiced as a somatic psychotherapist since 2000 in non-profit agencies and private practice in Germany, Canada, and the US.

When she started to study Hakomi in 2003, she immediately felt at home in leaning into the respectful principles and the gentle, inside-out, approach of the method.
Being deeply touched by discovering that therapy can be offered with such kindness and curiosity ignited her dedication to bringing this experiential approach to clients, students, and the world of therapy.

In pursuit of personal growth and supporting others in their journey towards wholeness, she certified in Somatic Experiencing, became a HeartMath Coach and Trainer and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach.

She further blends Recreation of SELF, Attachment-focused EMDR, applied Polyvagal Theory, and Internal Family Systems, cultivating innate resources and unearthing post-traumatic growth.

24 years of contemplative practice further enrich her ability to embody and share deeper qualities of the heart and to reconnect others to the same.

Unveiling our true nature through this process is what I feel most called to in my own life and in facilitating the growth and learning of others.



The Hakomi psychotherapy approach was introduced to me in 2003 and I have deepened my love and knowledge of this unique method for over two decades, resulting in becoming a certified therapist and teacher.

I am continuously integrating the embodied loving presence, mindfulness and curiosity of Hakomi with other somatic-, trauma- and holistic therapy approaches. I love offering therapy in this gentle, kind, connected, respectful and inside-out way. It is my joy to see clients being surprised, reached and supported by Hakomi, making it the cherished foundation of how I show up as a therapist.

I complement and integrate Hakomi with Somatic Experiencing (SE), Attachment Focused and IFS informed EMDR, and Resourcing and Regulating the nervous system (Polyvagal therapy). Working with parts (Internal Family Systems Therapy/ IFS) is an essential element of my work.

As a certified Coach (Co-active Coach/CTI, HeartMath Mentor and Trainer) I connect clients throughout the sessions with their resources, innate qualities, and strengths. These have often become covered by limiting beliefs and accumulated stress that are the result of painful and traumatic events. In this way post-traumatic growth is something that can naturally be unearthed together.

I work in person in Edmonton, Canada, and online worldwide.