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Hakomi Forum Professional Journal

Special Issue on Diverse, Cross-Cultural and Underserved Populations

ISSUE 28 – 2016

Special Issue on Diverse, Cross-Cultural and Underserved Populations

Table of Contents
Editorial — Many Members of One Body Greg Johanson
Merleau-Ponty, Bodily Knowledge and Felt Meaning Steven L. Bindeman
Complexes of the Cultural Unconscious: Trance States, Hakomi, and the Re-Creation of the Self Camillia M. Thompson
Should We Tell? Living a Good life in the Shadow of Cancer Belinda Siew Luan Khong
Using Hakomi to Mediate Cultural Differences Sarah Tait-Jamieson
Applications of Hakomi Mindful Somatic in a Non-Profit Setting Rebecca Lincoln
Hakomi and the Underserved Lavie/Shands/Ahmed/Toro/Anderson
The M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic Donna Roy
Book Review: Die Wise by Steven Jenkinson Review Review by Susan Shawn
Book Review: Understanding Emotion in Chinese Culture: Thinking Through Psychology by Louise Sundararajan Review by Greg Johanson
Poems Carol Ladas-Gaskin

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The Hakomi Forum is the professional journal of the Hakomi Institute, and contains informative articles about Hakomi Therapy, its applications, and its relationship to other psychotherapeutic and healing arts modalities. The Hakomi Forum has been published since 1984.

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Editorial: Watzlawick, Wilbur, and the Work Greg Johanson
Introduction to the Process Ron Kurtz
Being Effective Through Non-Doing Werner Singer
Humor and Imagination Halko Weiss
The Hakomi Method and Couples Devi Records
Intensive Family Services Greg Johanson

ISSUE 2- Winter 1985

Editorial: When in Doubt, Go with the Principles Greg Johanson
Foundations of Hakomi Therapy Ron Kurtz
An Overview of the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy Cedar Barstow
Animal Imagery, the Chakra System, and Psychotherapy Eligio S. Gallegos
A Note on Hakomi Therapy and Psychodrama Greg Johanson
The Use of Biofeedback by Hakomi Therapists Greg Johanson
Use of Elements of Hakomi Therapy with Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents Carol R. Taylor
Total Satisfaction Massage (htm format) Rich Ireland


Editorial: Bite a Blue Apple Greg Johanson
The Tao of Being With Ron Kurtz
The Organization of Experience in Hakomi Therapy Ron Kurtz
Values and Empowerment Hugh Smiley
The Psychotherapist as Faith Agent Greg Johanson
Becoming a Full Human Being Chogyam Trungpa
Spirituality and Psychotherapy Cedar Barstow
Huna, Hakomi, and Spirituality Stan Hartman
Hakomi & the Creation Centered Spirituality of Matthew Fox – Path I: Befriending Creation Greg Johanson
Brief Personal Perspectives Amina Knowlan, Reba Townsend, John Lloyd, Dyrian Ben
Possibilities Greg Johanson
Emily Rose Cedar Barstow


Editorial: Taking It Home with You Greg Johanson
Hakomi in the Trenches Greg Johanson
Cancer and Psychotherapy Ron Kurtz
The Context for Hakomi in the Treatment of Eating Disorders Lee Moyer
Tending Body and Spirit: Counseling with Elders Cedar Barstow
Fairies and Ultimacy Yvonne Notaro
Hakomi and the Hunt Seat Equestrian Cady Erickson


Editorial: In Honor of Carl Greg Johanson
On the Uniqueness of Hakomi Ron Kurtz
Hakomi and Naturopathy Mcholas Emlen
Central and Peripheral Mechanisms in the Neurophysiology of Depression Jerome Liss
Hakomi and the Q-Sort Technique Cori Taggart
Storytelling for Hakomi Therapists Halko Weiss
Yoga and Hakomi: Two Friends Meet Dyrian Benz
Hakomi & the Creation Centered Spirituality of Matthew Fox – Path II: Befriending Darkness Greg Johanson


Editorial: A Wider Perspective Greg Johanson
The Healing Relationship Ron Kurtz
A Curious Form of Therapy: Hakomi Greg Johanson
Non-Invasive Methodologies of Studying Neurological Correlates of Human Mental States, in Particular those During Psychotherapy – A Review of Recent Literature Lakshyan Schanze
The Hakomi Method in Therapy Groups (html format) Martin Schulmeister
An Application of the Sensitivity Cycle to Organizational Groups Chris Hoffman
Managing to Practice: Supervision David Patterson


Editorial: Future Subjects Greg Johanson
Hakomi and Metanoia Cedar Barstow
Why Body/Mind? Howard Cole and Meg Blanchet
The Child State of Consciousness and the Formation of the Self Jon Eisman
Hakomi and Adolescents Greg Johanson and Carol Taylor
Family: The Next Larger Picture Dyrian Benz
Hakomi Therapy Supervision Verbatim Sheela Lambert
An Ontological Model of Development William S. Schmidt


Current Perspectives on Hakomi Training and Therapy Issues Cedar Barstow and Greg Johanson
Transference and Countertransference in the Here-and-Now Therapies David Feinstein
Helping Through Touch: The Embodiment of Caring Suzanne M. Peloquin
Translating the Body’s Language Pat Ogden and Anne Peters
The Effects of Pre and Perinatal Trauma Albert Pesso
Laughter and Pastoral Care Stephen Pattison


Editorial: Encouraging Communication Greg Johanson
Hakomi in Jail: Programmatic Application with Groups of Psychotic Disruptive Jail Inmate Tom Whitehead
On Emotion in Therapy Eugene Gendlin
Transformations of Consciousness: Conventional and Contemplative Perspectives on Development. Chapter I – Therapeutic Aims in Psychotherapy and Meditation: Developmental Stages in the Representation of Self Jack Engler
Grace in Therapy: What a Therapist Must Trust In Martin Schulmeister

ISSUE 10 – AUTUMN 1994

Editorial: Getting Self Conscious Greg Johanson
Realizing the “Between” in Psychotherapy James V. DeLeo
Boundaries and Psychotherapy – Part I: Boundary Distortion and Its Consequences Tom Whitehead
Ethics: The Right Use of Power and Influence Cedar Barstow
Our Multiple Selves Richard Schwartz
Aspects of Quantum Psychology Stephen Wolinsky
Self: A Living Vibrancy William S. Schmidt

ISSUE 11 – Fall 1995

Editorial: Foundations Revisited Greg Johanson
The Origins of the Hakomi Method Ron Kurtz
The Emergence of the Other Halko Weiss
Boundaries and Psychotherapy Part II: Healing Damaged Boundaries Tom Whitehead
Dancing in Neverland: Hakomi Therapy from a Client’s Perspective Megan Dall
Transcending Duality in the Therapeutic Relationship: Working with the Unity Principle Cynthia Jaffe
Remembering Wholeness: A Model for Healing and Recovery Donna Martin
Updating the Foundation of Hakomi Dyrian Benz

ISSUE 12 – Summer 1996

1st U.S. Conference on Body Oriented Psychotherapy Lee Strauss
Using Hakomi in Couples Psychotherapy Rob Fisher
Creating Organizations Fit For The Human Spirit Through Hakomi Karmen Guevara
Evoking Essence Dyrian Benz-Chartrand
Hands-on Psychotherapy Pat Ogden
The Birth and Death of Meaning: Selective Implications of Linguistics for Psychotherapy Greg Johanson

ISSUE 13 – SUMMER 1999

Front Page & Glossary of Hakomi Therapy Terms Cedar Barstow & Greg Johanson
Training Psychotherapists in the Almost Impossible Task of Just Paying Attention Deepesh Faucheaux & Halko Weiss
Key Words for Unlocking Our Unconscious Jerome Liss, M.D.
Applying Hakomi Principles and Techniques to Mainstream Psychodynamic, Behavioral and Systemic Couples Psychotherapy Rob Fisher, MA, MFCC & Jaci Hull, MA, CHT
“Far Beyond Psychoanalysis”: Freud’s Repetition Compulsion Greg Johanson
Lightbody Consciousness in Hakomi Wolfgang Ronnefeldt, MA

ISSUE 14-15 – SUMMER 2005

Table of Contents Issue 14-15
Hakomi Forum Issue 14-15 (55.4 MB pdf file)

ISSUE #16-17 – SUMMER 2006

Five Recent Essays Ron Kurtz
Neuroscience & Psychotherapy Marilyn Morgan
The Use of Mindfulness in Psychotherapy Gregory J. Johanson
Hakomi: Strengths & Limitations:
Indications & Contraindications for the Use of Hakomi with Clients with Significant Clinical Disturbances
Uta Gunther
From Felt-Sense to Felt-Self:
Neuroaffective Touch & the Relational Matrix
Aline LaPierre
In Search of the Embodied Self Gustl Marlock & Halko Weiss
Why I Left Psychology (Almost):
A Fictional Story that Might Be True
David N. Elkin
Shifting States of Consciousness:
The Re-Creation of the Self Approach to Transformation
Jon Eisman
How Do I Listen?
Applying Body Psychotherapy Principles & Skills
in Manual & Movement Therapy
Sol Petersen
Modified Hakomi:
Coaching Clients with IFS and Hakomi Skills
Dave Cole
Practice Notes Donna Martin
Marblehead Minuet & Of Room and Wings Leisha Douglas
Glossary of Hakomi Therapy Terms Cedar Barstow & Greg Johanson

ISSUE #18 – SUMMER 2007

Editorial: Words & Meaning Leisha Douglas
Quotes on “Dealing with Enemies” Lao Tzu
Three Recent Essays Ron Kurtz
The Buddha’s Influence in the Therapy Room Belinda Siew Luan Khong
“Sophistry or Sensitive Science?”
An Interview with Martha Herbert Casey Walker
Self-No/Self Robert K. Bornt
The Lanugage of Neuroception & The Bodily Self Aline LaPierre
Nourish the Body, Ease the Mind, and Brighten the Spirit Kamala Quale
The Power of Presence in Trauma Work: An Elemental Embrace Karuna Fluhart-Negrete
Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples: A Guide for the Creative Pragmatist Robert M. Fisher
Touching the Spirit at the End of Life Tria Thompson O’Maille & Roseann E. Kasayka
click link on Poems to view the following:
The Flowers of Kaifeng Agin (Broken) – Bari Falese
When Free from Conventional Ideas – Ikue Tezuka
Creek Crossing – Cathy Ann Simmons

ISSUE #19-21 – SUMMER 2008

Editorial Note and Poems by Frances Richy Frances Richy
A Little History Ron Kurtz
Rest and it’s Centrality to Psychotherapy Marlise Meilan
Childhood Trauma in the Etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder: Theoretical Considerations & Therapeutic Interventions Linda Baird
Towards a Better Appreciation of the “Intimacy” Gap Between Man and Women Martin Rovers, Robert West, Terry Schmerk, Rene Vandenberg
The Power Differential & The Power Paradox Cedar Barstow
Lao Tzu, Knowing, and Being Siroj Sorajjokool
The Principles of Hakomi Inge-Myllerup-Brookhuis
Making Hakomi Transpersonal Keating Coffey
An Interview with Miriam Greenspan on Moving from Grief to Gratitude Barbara Platek
Leisha Douglas USABP Interview Serge Prengle
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Body Psychotherapy in Outpatient Settings (EABP)
Margit Koemda-Lutz, Martin Kaschke, Dick Revenstorf, Thomas Scherrman, Halko Weiss, Ulrich Soeder
The Midlife Experience: An Autoethnographic Study Carole M. McNamee
Personal Process of the Integration of Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy with Holistic Nursing and Healing Touch
Nancy Lukas Perrault
Hakomi Therapy with Families
Emily Van Mistri
Accessing Implicit Material Through Body Sensations
Joe Mowrer

ISSUE #22 – SUMMER 2009

Hakomi Conference Experience Katy Cofer
Ron Kurtz USABP Interview Serge Pringle
Hakomi Principles in Relation to Systems Theory Sid Kemp with Greg Johanson
The Use of Mindfulness in Psychodynamic & Body Oriented Psychotherapy Halko Weiss
Humanistic Hakomi and it’s Interface with Non-Linear Science Greg Johanson
Hakomi on Campus: Teaching Loving Presence and Mindfulness at a Public University in Mexico City Fernando Ortiz
Language and the Ineffable Aspect of the Bodymind Mark Repplinger
To Be or Not to Be Transpersonal: Can Hakomi Embrace the Whole Without Embracing the Soul? Rhonda Mattern
Book Review: The Boy Who Was Raised As a Dog Carol Ladas-Gaskinn & David Cole
Poems from Bardo & Becoming Leisha Douglass

ISSUE #23-24 – SUMMER 2011

Table of Contents
Editorial: Ripples from a Life Lived
Ron Kurtz (1934-2011
Greg Johanson
Touch In Therapy and the Standard of Care in Psychotherapy and Counseling:
Bringing Clarity to Illusive Relationships
Ofer Zur
The Pax Medica and Brain – Based Therapy Lloyd Linford and John Arden
Dialogue with Boss, Heidegger, Freud, Sartre and Buddha – On Being Human Bindeman, Luan Khong, Churchill, Hersch, Sundararajan
Psychotherapy, Science and Spirit: Nonlinear Systems, Hakomi Therapy, and the Tao Greg Johanson
Mastering Your Psychology for
Success at Work
Nina Cherry
Ronald S. Kurtz (1934-2011): A Remembrance Greg Johanson
Ronald S. Kurtz: Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy Pringle with Kurtz
Tributes to Ron Kurtz (1934-2011) The Community
Book Review: The Emergence of Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Therapy Greg Johanson
Poems Reynold Ruslan Feldman

ISSUE 25 – WINTER 2012

Editorial: Hakomi 25th Anniversary

Working with the Capacity for Connection in Healing Developmental Trauma Laurence Heller and Aline LaPierre
Do We Find Organicity Even Within Psychosis? Paris Williams
Hakomi in Action: A Narrative Amy S. Marco, Dawn L. McBride, Greg Johanson
Mindfulness, Emotions, and the Organization of Experience Gregory Johanson
“Taking Over” Technique with Veteran Trauma Work Gregory Johanson
Poems from Cairns and Realization Point Chris Hoffman

ISSUE #26 – 2013-2014

Table of Contents
Lévinas and the Disruptive Face of the Other Steven L. Bindeman
Hakomi and the Ambiguous Nature of Research Greg Johanson
Lost in the Translation: “Chi” and Related Terms of Shame in the Confucian Tradition Louise Sundararajan
Mindfulness: A Way of Cultivating Deep Respect for Emotions Belinda Siew Luan Khong
The Origins Of Jewish Guilt: Psychological, Theological, and Cultural Perspectives Simon Dein
Attachment and Hakomi Marilyn Morgan
This Sacred Ground So Finely Assembled Marilyn Morgan
School of Hard Knocks, Indonesian Style Cedar Barstow

ISSUE #27 – 2014-2015

Table of Contents
Medard Boss’s Dialogue with Heidegger, Freud, Sartre,
Buddha, and Jung: On Being Authentic
Bindeman, Luan Khong, Churchill, Hersch, McIlwai and Sundararajan
Perspectives On the Human Condition:
Philosophy, Civilization, and Character
Robert D. Stolorow
Lifestyle and Mental Health Roger Walsh
Oppression Embodied: The Intersecting Dimensions of Trauma, Oppression, and Somatic Psychology Rae Johnson
Apologies That Heal Cedar Barstow
Poems Carol Ladas-Gaskin