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A Sense of Hakomi (Mini-Workshop)

March 5 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


6 - 8pm


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A Sense of Hakomi (Mini-Workshop)

Curious about Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy? Join us for a small taste of what it’s like to experience a training. This two-hour workshop will be part didactic, part experiential. We’ll cover some foundational concepts (mindfulness, the exploratory attitude, interventions with a prompt), and show a demonstration. There will be an optional 30 minute Q&A following the workshop.

Hakomi is a gentle yet powerful experiential psychotherapy that uses mindfulness and somatic interventions to heal attachment wounds and developmental trauma. Hakomi draws from general systems theory and body-centered therapies, and the method continues to evolve in response to ongoing discoveries in neuroscience, traumatology, attachment theory, and other related fields. While primarily a method of psychotherapy, Hakomi fits with many mind-body, educational, coaching, and wellness modalities.

Hakomi embraces Frieda Fromm Reichman’s belief that “the patient needs an experience, not an explanation.” Although sessions include talking, our experiential approach deepens therapy beyond insight and words to access the “blueprints” that shape our present-day experiences.

Parts of this workshop will be recorded during the presentation and recordings will be turned off during any experiential group practices. Only presenters will be recorded.

Faculty: Gregory Gaiser, P.C., Certified Hakomi Trainer

Fees & Credits

Sliding Scale: $36 to $18


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Live Online
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Gregory Gaiser, P.C., Certified Hakomi Trainer
All are Welcome!

Time & Location

Tuesday, March 5
Online - Live via Zoom
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