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Pamela Rosin

M.A., M.F.T. # 115547, CHT
HAKOMI Therapist
Oakland, CA
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SPEAKS: English

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  • PHONE: 510-214-6507


Pamela Rosin

Pamela Rosin, MFT (she/her) is the founder of ReParentive™ Therapy. She offers trainings for therapists and groups for people who grew up in invalidating environments, such as with a loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Pamela utilizes experientially based modalities and a synergy of Buddhist and Somatic psychologies to cultivate healing. She integrates her professional acting background, a decade as a bodyworker, and years of teaching Shakespeare in prison.

Pamela draws from a multitude of experience in various educational and therapeutic arenas. She embodies the precepts of ReParentive Therapy; bringing relational, loving presence to support learning. Pamela’s creativity, ability to personalize the material, and emphasis on nervous system regulation, supports students’ access and integration of this sensitive and challenging topic.

A graduate of the Integral Counseling Psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Pamela’s therapeutic orientation has been influenced by the Eastern/Western blend provided at CIIS, traditional Freudian, psychodynamic, and transpersonal approaches, and by the many wise mentors and guides with whom she has traveled.

What is ReParentive™ Therapy?

ReParentive Therapy is an intergenerational trauma healing model that encompasses three main elements:
1. An emphasis on the therapeutic relationship
2. An emphasis on providing the group member/client with a missing experience, and
3. The use of the therapist’s own stable, regulated nervous system as an interactive, dyadic regulator of the group member/client’s nervous system, which supports the experience of secure attachment.

The term ReParentive is a hybrid of two therapeutic concepts: reparative (adj) and reparent (v) and includes the concept of reparations. This approach has roots in therapeutic modalities that prioritize embodiment, mindfulness, liberation, and social justice; it is non-hierarchical and non-pathologizing.

ReParentive Therapy is an active process of making up for past wrongs. The therapist aims to be a predictable and reliable source of support and to effectively, consistently, and non-defensively show up for relational interactions and provide repair.

While offering relational reparations to the client’s child self, the therapist encourages the adult to take in the available, safe nourishment so that they can begin to shift their internal sense of what is possible, and let the new options impact their sense of self.

Next training for therapists September 2024 visit www.ReParentiveTherapy.com

LOCATION: PO Box 22488, Oakland, California 94609 (United States)