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Noam Kedem

HAKOMI Practitioner
Foster City, CA
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  • PHONE: (650) 867-5666

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Noam Kedem

Combining Eastern and Western wisdom, I work with fellow travelers, seekers and finders in gentle, sacred circles / group settings, to mindfully and lovingly help them come to terms with, accept, and, ultimately, embrace reality. Some of the modalities I use include Hakomi (I am a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, CHP), IFS (Internal Family Systems, certified L1 practitioner), Tamura Method, Relational Somatic Healing™ (Embodied Touch), Recreation of the Self (R-CS), The Work™ of Byron Katie, Chöd, Reiki, guided mindfulness, breathing and meditation. If there is one thing that my fellow travelers and I have learned together over time, it is that change is not only possible, it is unavoidable, and therefore, guaranteed.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

LOCATION: 606 Waterbury Ln, Foster City, California 94404 (United States)