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Murray Hemi

M Sc (Hons)
HAKOMI Therapist
Wellington, New Zealand
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  • PHONE: +64 21 585 774


Murray Hemi

Kia ora
I am from a small Māori community, Pāpāwai, where I listened and learnt stories from people much
older and wiser than me.
I completed my training in 2018, am a Certified Hakomi Therapist, and a teacher-in-training with the
Hakomi professional training (NZ). Previously I worked in men’s stopping violence programmes, and
have spent many years facilitating men’s groups, teaching yoga in prison, and running men’s
community yoga (bro-ga). Having worked with hundreds of men of all backgrounds and over many
years, I approach my work with a compassion and wisdom gained through my own experience.
Personal integrity, simplicity, honesty, and clarity are my foundations in life and in service to others.
My passion is working with men and supporting them to remember the beauty, kindness and
‘lightness’ that resides within. This involves two key approaches:
• Courage (from the heart) that supports self-expression and conversations that redeem and
reclaim the healthy male spirit;
• Whole-heartedness that provides pathways to understanding, openness, honesty, self-
expression, and positive communication.
My particular areas of interest are trauma, violence, and anger. I have a strong indigenous wisdom
background and understand many of the synergies between traditional wisdom and Hakomi.

LOCATION: 25A Melrose Rd Island Bay, Wellington, 6023 (New Zealand)