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June Konopka

HAKOMI Therapist
Boulder, CO
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  • PHONE: 970-227-7823


June Konopka

I am a Certified Hakomi Therapist and unlicensed Psychotherapist in Colorado. The focus in my practice is working with people who are consciously aware of the unifying Spirit inside themselves, and are wanting to ground and integrate that unity into their everyday human lives and the world around them. Whether someone has spent a lot of time in meditation or simply feels a pull to wholeness, I have found Hakomi to be an effective tool for unraveling conditionings and defenses that keep clients from naturally living their authentic embodied life in spacious freedom, loving compassion, and powerful connectedness.

I also offer clients options to work in a shamanic format and have been trained in both Peruvian and Irish Celtic shamanism. Sometimes it is easier to transform an issue if the energetic level of that issue is directly worked with simultaneously. VortexHealing is another energetic tool I use to clarify and open up issues and conditionings into awareness for transformation. Additional trainings: Meditation instructor, trauma training, inter-spiritual minister, and certified teacher of Trillium Awakening.

I believe each person is on their own unique journey of awakening to wholeness. Therefore, the impulses, intentions, and current life experiences of each client are the guiding force in each session. Our life is our teacher.

LOCATION: Boulder, CO, Colorado 80301 (United States)