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Jérémy Marais

HAKOMI Practitioner
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  • PHONE: 9720545561828


Jérémy Marais

I am a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and a Sound Healing Practitioner.

I have been practicing meditation for more than 15 years and for a long time it has been a struggle to sit and quiet my mind. After a few years of practice I realized I don’t have to quiet the mind, I only have to get curious and notice whatever is happening.

When we slow down and turn our attention inside it is a bit like turning on the light in a dark room. Suddenly everything seems much more clear, easier to understand. The practice of mindfulness allows us to process thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Through the practice of Hakomi I learned the benefits of doing this practice with the help of someone next to me, supporting me and guiding me in loving kindness presence. We cannot avoid encountering hard times in life but we have the option to go through this together and after enough time working together, the supporting presence of the practitioner gets ingrained in us and we feel like we can go around not feeling alone anymore.​

LOCATION: (France) Trumpeldor 13 Alef, Zichron Yaakov, (Israel)