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Gina Nobuko Ramos

LFMT #43359, CHT
HAKOMI Therapist
San Francisco, CA
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  • PHONE: 415-522-0707


Gina Nobuko Ramos

The call begins, revealed in a moment of sudden clarity at 14 years old: “I want to be a therapist.” Something inside of me changes, calling me into presence. I search for answers guided by whatever creative process shows up. I become initiated into the importance of focusing internally, rather than relying on answers intellectually.

Eastern and Western principles lead me further into the therapeutic healing arts of bodywork, mindfulness, and somatic psychotherapy. Ongoing meaningful connections coexist for me, between being a Hakomi Therapist, and a licensed psychotherapist.

Diversity and inclusion are also extensions of my way of being, rooted in my lived experience. A focal point of my work respects how the Self embodies truth, resiliency and potential, inviting the cultivation of seeing deeply within, with a trauma informed foundation. Along the way, there are relational and therapeutic touchstones of mindful discovery using the possibilities of Hakomi, EMDR, creativity and intuition.

I understand the process of finding your way through the maze of relocating in your Essential Self, and understanding the vital importance of the twists, and turns in one’s genesis, and embodying what it means to be a good enough you, and the union of your wholeness.

LOCATION: 2148 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94112 (United States)