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Genesa Tara Falcao

Boulder, CO
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  • PHONE: 720-582-3570


Genesa Tara Falcao

I specialize in helping people resolve relational trauma, build fulfilling relationships, and integrate powerful life experiences that come from sacred medicines or other mystical encounters, using a spiritual somatic approach.

As a Contemplative Psychotherapist with certifications as a NLP Master Practitioner, Dating & Relationship Coach, and Medicine Leadership Facilitator, I use an integrative approach that blends ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques to meet your unique needs and support you on your journey toward healing and personal growth.

As a Hakomi therapist, I recognize that stuck patterns of emotion and behavior is stored not only in the mind, but also in the body. By gently guiding you through present moment experiential exercises, such as focusing on felt sensations or using guided imagery, I can help you access deeper layers of your psyche and work through unresolved emotions and trauma. My work empowers you to heal holistically, integrating mind, body, and spirit for lasting transformation and improved connection with self and other.

Having gone through my own experiences with major depression, anxiety, and complex trauma early on in life, I can relate to many of my client’s challenges and bring a compassionate, loving presence into my work.

LOCATION: 3333 Iris Avenue, Suite 104, Boulder CO 80301, Boulder, Colorado 80301 (United States)