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Diane Steinbrecher

Psychologist, LCSW, MSWAC, CHT
HAKOMI Therapist
Portland, Or
 Accepting New Clients


Diane Steinbrecher

I trust that whatever appears in one’s mind, body, and emotions have its purpose and want to be deeply heard, honored, understood, and embraced–that all of the Psyche’s expressions are attempts toward our wholeness. Through this process, identifying and changing stuck patterns can be made conscious and shift in order to realize the deeper knowing of our true divine essence. With this compassion and care, healing can unfold, patterns and beliefs transformed, and we can live our true potential and purpose, our innate wisdom, and experience happiness, peace, love and joy.

I was trained in Hakomi by Ron Kurtz and Jon Eisman and then certified by them in the 1980s. They asked me to be on staff with them to facilitate Hakomi trainings in Portland, Oregon until 1992.

I work with individuals, couples and families in all aspects of Being and draw upon many modalities as well as my own journey to happiness and well-being. Treatment Approaches include Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy; Archetypal Pattern Analysis ; Jungian Psychology; Dream Interpretation; Addictions Recovery; Spiritual Psychotherapy; Relationships, Trauma and Attachment Issues; Mindfulness Meditation; Nondual Psychotherapy; Clinical Supervision; EMDR. And EFT Tapping.

It would be an honor to work together.

LOCATION: PO Box 12002, Portland, Oregon 97212 (United States)