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Chieko Okada


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  • PHONE: 092- 881-7351


Chieko Okada

Chieko Okada is a certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer for the Hakomi Institute in Fukuoka, Japan. She began her career as an elementary and junior high school teacher and as manager of a private school. Chieko currently works as a therapist and teaches child development classes to teachers, parents, and lay people. She has taught Hakomi workshops and Hakomi process groups since 2003, and supports Hakomi graduates. Chieko also uses Hakomi to work with young people who have withdrawn from society into internet/gaming addiction, and their families. She is currently working with Hiromi Willingham on the Japanese translation of Hakomi Mindfulness Centered Somatic Psychotherapy. Chieko has been instrumental in bringing Hakomi Institute trainings to Japan.

LOCATION: 2-3-41 Ikinomatsubara Nishiku Fukuokashi Fukuokaken, (Japan)