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Carmen Cool

HAKOMI Therapist
Boulder, Colorado
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  • PHONE: (303) 859-9946


Carmen Cool

For 23 years, I have been a politicized therapist, educator, speaker, & activist helping people heal their relationships with food and their bodies.

Your body is an exquisite tuning fork. A barometer of truth. But in a society that targets certain bodies—that innate wisdom is often silenced and ignored.

Bodies are political. Therapy is political. I am not interested in ‘helping’ you conform to a broken system. I believe it’s my responsibility as a therapist to be an agent of social justice and to resist a system that decides whose bodies are worthy and valuable.

Most of my clients tell me that I’m relatable and refreshing, a relaxing of formality and distant ‘professionalism.’ This is a space where you can breathe. A space where you will be lovingly accompanied. Where you can learn to be your body’s best ally.

I speak the language of listening. Embodied listening. Generous listening. I listen for wisdom, for the things yet to be spoken, and for stories of resistance. I listen for what something needs to become.

All therapy is done from an anti-oppression, anti-pathology, anti-racist, fat positive, LGBTQ affirming stance.

LOCATION: 2760 29th St, Suite 2C, Boulder, CO 80301, Boulder, Colorado 80301 (United States)