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Valentina Iadeluca

HAKOMI Teacher
Psychologist, CHT
Rome, Italy
Hakomi Institute of Mallorca

Valentina Iadeluca

After a gratifying career as a music and movement teacher, Valentina accidentally met Hakomi. It was a pivotal and life-changing encounter. She studied the Method in Europe and did additional Hakomi training in the United States while completing a second master’s degree in psychology. Valentina is a MBSR instructor and supervisor and continues to train in other mindfulness-based therapeutic modalities such as ACT, Compassion Focused Therapy, and DBT. She also completed a post-graduate program on sexuality at the AISC (Clinical Sexology Italian Association).

She currently works as a licensed psychologist in private practice in Rome and is a Certified Hakomi Teacher and the Executive Co-director of the Hakomi Institute of Mallorca. She is engaged in the forefront of spreading Hakomi in Italy as she believes that the values and techniques the Method promotes can dramatically enrich the world of mental health in the old continent.

She has recently applied her passion for art to the music of words. Through her activity as a writer and speaker, she is trying to inspire people into Hakomi, into its beauty and its limbic way of interpreting the helping relationship, and into mindfulness. Among her published works, “Meditare con la vita” (Erickson, 2022, with Antonella Montano) has reached a vast audience in Italy.



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Contact Info

WEBSITE: http://www.valentinaiadeluca.com

PHONE: +393355651444

ADDRESS: Via Gran Sasso, 49, Rome, (Italy)


Meditare con la vita
Amori Lontani
Mindfulenss-Based Stress Reduction
La Teoria Polivagale in Pratica


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