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Pamela Thompson

HAKOMI Trainer
M.A., Reg. Psych., CHT
Alberta, Canada
Hakomi Institute of Canada

Pamela Thompson

Pamela Thompson with over 21 years of experience as a registered psychologist and over 25 years working with individuals and families in crisis, supporting people towards healing and wellness has become Pamela’s life work. She is dedicated to the advancement of the profession of psychology and works as a mentor and supervisor for people entering the field. As a psychologist and teacher, Pamela believes her priority is to hold what is already well in people and provide support as they challenge limiting beliefs about themselves and the world, and learn new ways to engage. In addition to a Master’s degree in Counseling, Pamela has advanced training in Hakomi and in trauma recovery through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute as well as EMDR. She has found these methods particularly useful in the resolution of traumatic memories and stressors, the development of personal insight and awareness, and in facilitating improved relationships. Her interest in trauma and recovery led her to volunteer at a crisis center in the Philippines for 18 months, training psychologists and other professionals working with women and children who have been victims of violence and exploitation.



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WEBSITE: http://Hakomiedmonton.ca

PHONE: 780-439-5088

ADDRESS: 204B, 10544-106 St. Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 2X6 (Canada)