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Inge Mula Myllerup-Brookhuis

HAKOMI Emeritus
Cand Psych, LPC, CEAP, CHT
Carrollton, GA

Inge Mula Myllerup-Brookhuis

Inge Mula Myllerup-Brookhuis LPC, CEAP, CHT, was mentored for ten years and certified as a Hakomi trainer by Ron Kurtz, founder of Hakomi, as one of “his last 12 trainers certified in Hakomi Refined,” he said. IMMB was certified by the Hakomi Institute as a Hakomi Therapist and a Hakomi teacher in the middle 1990s and served as an assistant and teacher in Hakomi trainings in the South East U.S.(Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC; Austin, TX; Louisville, KY) and as adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of West Georgia, in Carrollton Georgia in its humanistic-transpersonal Masters Psychology program. As one of the founders of the ten-year program “Spirituality and Psychotherapy integrative series” consisting of combined yearly Graduate psychology university classes and CEU trainings for licensed psychotherapy professionals, she invited Ron Kurtz to teach as a part of university credit classes twice: once alone, and another time together with Richard Schwartz’s Ph.D. Founder of IFS psychotherapy. The second time both Ron and Dick responded to the invitation from Inge Mula to come two days early and take part in her QEEG pilot study, the first pilot study using QEEG technology as a pre-, post-, and real-time measure for examining if there are actual, observable and measurable changes in brain wave patterns as a result of one Hakomi session and one IFS session as provided by the founders. The pilot did show actual shifts in brainwaves. The QEEG specialist, Grant Bright, Ph.D., exclaimed immediately after the session conducted with IMMB as a client that “brain waves are rather stable over time; this does not happen. If I told 10 of my colleagues that there was an actual change in brainwave patterns after one 45-minute talk therapy session, they would tell me that I lied.” Ron and I laughed, clapping hands in celebration with a high five while saying: “we knew it, we knew it!!!” IMMB maintains a private practice at theZenterGA.com, in Carrollton, GA, online and over the phone.



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