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Cedar Barstow

HAKOMI Trainer
D.P.I., M.Ed., CHT
Boulder, Colorado

Cedar Barstow

Dr. Cedar Barstow is a Certified Hakomi Therapist in private practice, and a Certified Hakomi Trainer. She has led trainings nationally and internationally, in England, Ireland, Asheville, N.C., Santa Barbara, Seattle, Chicago, and Atlanta, and has taught workshops throughout the U.S., and in the South Pacific. Cedar is currently developing and teaching a professional training in Ethics and Right Use of Power. She served as Administrative Director of the Hakomi Institute for ten years, has served on the Board of Directors, Ethics Committee, and as Managing Editor of the Hakomi Forum. As Hakomi Librarian, she collects, organizes, and re-distributes the computerized log of evolving theory, curriculum, and exercises. She is the author of several books on women and healing, and is a core member of a ceremonial dance community in Boulder, Colorado.



Contact Info

WEBSITE: http://www.rightuseofpower.org

PHONE: 720-480-1342

ADDRESS: 1485 Sumac, Boulder, Colorado 80304 (United States)