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Directory of Certified Hakomi Practitioners and Therapists

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– Terms and Conditions of Use –

  1. This Directory of Therapists and Practitioners is provided as a service to the public, and lists individuals who have demonstrated competency in the Hakomi Method at the time of their certification. The Hakomi Institute does not monitor therapists or practitioners after certification, nor require continuing education to maintain certification. Certification does not imply legal endorsement by the Hakomi Institute of the practitioner.
  2. Some of the individuals listed in this Directory may be professionals in the field of psychotherapy, counseling, medicine, or clinical social work, whereas others may be practitioners in other fields who integrate Hakomi into their practices and professions.
  3. All of the individuals listed in this Directory are responsible for adhering to the laws of their state, province, or country with regard to the practice of psychotherapy, medicine, counseling, social work, bodywork, or other regulated profession, including education, licensing, and use of titles.
  4. It is understood that the Hakomi training teaches a specific methodology, and does not provide an overall training in all aspects of the psychotherapeutic profession. For example, the Hakomi training does not train individuals to work with addictions, eating disorders, phobias, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, panic disorder, psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder or other psychiatric diagnoses.
  5. For clients seeking therapists with a particular specialization (e.g. trauma therapy, addictions, couples therapy, child or adolsecent therapy, etc.) it is recommended that the prospective client inquire of the therapist regarding their training and experience in these areas.
  6. The Hakomi Institute, Inc. does not warrant or otherwise assume responsibility for the services provided by these practitioners, or his/her competency to provide such services; and may not be held liable for any claim resulting from the use of this Directory of Therapists and Practitioners, or for the activities of any individuals who are Certified by the Hakomi Institute or students or graduates in our trainings. The individual using this Directory assumes sole responsibility for determining whether a therapist or practitioner is appropriate for his/her needs.

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