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Hakomi: Mindful Self-Observation

By Nina Cherry The Hakomi Method is a gentle and highly focused form of psychotherapy developed by Ron Kurtz. Offered through both individual sessions and workshops, its aim is to […]

Mindfulness and Renowned Research

by Halko Weiss The following is a presentation given by Halko Weiss in Munich in June 2002, San Francisco in August 2002 and at ISCHIA in October 2002. INTRODUCTION Good […]

Overview of the Method

Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., Certified Hakomi Trainer “I know you did your best,” he says gently. The woman begins crying and then dissolves into sobbing. As her head sinks down and […]

Buddhist Influences on Psychotherapy

By Jim Lehrman In the early 1960s, Alan Watts said that Buddhism has more in common with psychotherapy than with religion. By that time, western psychologists such as Karen Horney […]

About the Method

Ron Kurtz “It is a time for change. It is a time for relativists, for generalists, for holists, for people who love diversity, a time to find beauty in the […]

About Hakomi Therapy

By Ron Kurtz The Hakomi Method developed by Ron Kurtz is an efficient and powerful process for discovering and then studying mind/body patterns and core beliefs as you experience them. […]

Working Experientially and Somatically with Couples

By Rob Fisher, M.A., M.F.T. Note: this article was published in the Journal of Couples Therapy, Volume 10, Number 2, 2001, published by Haworth Press, Inc. Abstract Working experientially and somatically with […]