The Hakomi Institute

About the Hakomi Institute

Founded in 1981 by Ron Kurtz and a core group of trainers, the Hakomi Institute is the original and most extensive organization providing training and information on Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy worldwide.

Our website provides in-depth info about Hakomi, including an international Directory of Practitioners, a Calendar of Workshops and Trainings with links to Hakomi organizations internationally, an online Professional Journal, and many other resources.

About Hakomi Institute Trainings

Building on the original method developed by Ron Kurtz, over the past 30 years the Institute has enhanced, expanded and refined the Hakomi Method to create updated and highly effective trainings for professionals and graduate students. We teach the complete Comprehensive Professional Training in the Hakomi Method, offering:

  • The widest spectrum of effective, applicable Hakomi Therapy skills for professionals, clinicians and graduate students in counseling, psychotherapy, social work, and related fields.
  • An integration of leading-edge discoveries in the psychotherapy field (including neuroscience, trauma and attachment research) to support professionals in their work. These new discoveries both illuminate how and why the Hakomi Method works, and inform our curriculum and teaching approaches.
  • Evocative, transformational personal development for practitioners

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About the Faculty

In continuing to develop the Hakomi Method, our faculty of professional therapists, counselors, social workers, and educators use their in-depth ongoing experience in clinical practice with clients, where the effectiveness of different aspects and new developments in the Method can continue to be evaluated and enhanced.

Many also teach in universities worldwide, allowing them to integrate their academic expertise and knowledge of current research and development in the psychological and neuroscience fields. Click here to see the many colleges and universities where Hakomi Institute faculty teach.

More About the Institute

The Hakomi Institute is a non-profit, professional organization with worldwide affiliates.

Our trainings provide a warm, nourishing, open, yet structured and organized training environment.

Trainings are designed mainly for therapists, counselors, social workers, and graduate students in these fields. The trainings have also proved invaluable for professionals in related fields (including coaching, the healing arts, organizational and group work, and other disciplines).

These trainings include a approach to group process which emphasizes safety, and is designed to enhance the learning environment and help the group to interact in more constructive and supportive ways.

Our trainings welcome and solicit feedback from training participants to further openness and continuous improvement, requesting anonymous evaluation forms from participants in every workshop and training segment.

Our trainings have an application process for admission, including at least one prerequisite workshop.

Hakomi Institute faculty are extensively trained: The majority of our Trainers have been trained, certified, and/or approved by Ron Kurtz, and our Senior Trainers are co-Founders of the Hakomi Institute, co-developed the Hakomi Training with Kurtz, and have taught Hakomi for over 25 years. Certified Teachers are trained for at least 5 years prior to certification, and Certified Trainers at least 8-10 years. The majority of faculty have advanced academic degrees and/or licensure.

The Institute has a formal Code of Ethics and requires all students, faculty and Certified Hakomi Therapists to adhere to this code.

The Hakomi Institute is a professional member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology (AHP) and the U.S. Association of Body Psychotherapists (USABP)

The Institute has a professional journal, the Hakomi Forum published since 1985, which includes articles on applications of Hakomi Therapy in a variety of fields and with many different populations.

The Hakomi Institute is a Continuing Education (CE) provider for U.S. Trainings & Workshops. Click here to see CE Policy.


Hakomi Institute Staff

Board of Directors
Donna Roy, M.S., L.P.C. C.H.T.

Halko Weiss, Ph.D, C.H.T.*

Ido Siemion, Ph.D, C.H.T.

Jacqueline Hull, M.A., L.M.F.T., C.H.T.

Manuela Mischke-Reeds, M.A., M.F.T., C.H.T.

Mukara Meredith M.S.W., C.H.T.

Jules Morgaine, D.I.P., O.T., M.N.Z.A.P., C.H.T.

Lorena Monda, L.P.C., D.O.M., C.H.T.

Melissa M. Grace, M.A., C.H.T.

Ting Ting Hu, M.A., C.H.P.

Bettina Berger, M.D.

*Hakomi Institute Co-Founder

Training and Enrollment Coordinator
Yuns Yim

Global Programs and Membership Services Lead
Lisa Rome, M.A.

Operations Manager
Shay Nichols