Graduate/Ph.D. Credit

Graduate/Ph.D. Credit

Hakomi Faculty Teaching in Universities

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Graduate School Credit for Hakomi Therapy Trainings

In general, a number of graduate programs over the years have given Hakomi Therapy students credits toward their degrees for taking Hakomi trainings. The normal expectation is that students are enrolled in a school’s program and ask permission for such credit before taking the Hakomi training. It is rare that a school will give credit for trainings taken prior to admission, with the exception of some schools that give credit for life experience. Students should check with particular schools about their respective policies before enrolling in the school and/or a Hakomi training for which they hope to gain credit.

Graduate Credit for Hakomi Training – Meridan University

Some of our trainings are approved by Meridian University for the Professional Specialty Program requirements towards a Master’s or Doctoral degree in psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychology. Additional information about Meridian University’s programs can be found at