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Hakomi Workshops & Trainings:

As Pioneers in Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy,

Hakomi Institute offers workshops and trainings for all levels of practitioner. 

These pages are updated monthly.


Intro Workshops

Our workshops introduce students to the core principles, topics, and concepts of the method.

Since each Trainer holds a different background and has their own expertise, they will present the core curriculum differently; you may want to review the faculty members bios here, to learn more about each Trainer.

To learn more about the workshop, we suggest reviewing the flyer for a description and workshop objectives.


The goals of the Training are: first, a deep understanding of the principles of the Hakomi Method and the ability to work within them in an attitude of loving presence. Second, an understanding of the organization of personality and character, and the ability to use this understanding discriminatingly. Third, an understanding of the techniques of the therapeutic process and the ability to use these precisely and appropriately. Fourth, an understanding of one’s own character and process as an instrument for therapy.

Advanced Programs

For individuals with previous Hakomi training.

These programs enrich the development and application of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy beyond core curriculum, while learning from different teachers and perspectives, and growing connections of professional peers.

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