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The Heart of Ethics: An Introduction to Right Use of Power

March 9 - March 10


4:00-8:00 Central European Time Saturday and Sunday


The Heart of Ethics: An Introduction to Right Use of Power

Right use of power and influence is at the very heart of ethics. Developed by Hakomi Therapist and Trainer Emeritus Dr. Cedar Barstow, the Right Use of Power approach focuses on the relational dynamics that bring ethics to life.

Engaging both heart and mind, core concepts include grounding in a felt sense of both sides of the power differential, exploration of power parameters and under- and over-uses of power, and working with practical processes for resolving relationship difficulties. This workshop will be highly experiential, with focus on awareness, skill, and pro-activity.

The power spiral model is at the heart of Right Use of Power. Increasing skillfulness is learned through a spiraling process of gaining understanding and awareness at higher and higher levels of complexity, inclusivity, and transcendence. As you gain the knowledge and skills you need to use your power wisely, you’ll explore and engage with these four dimensions of the spiral:

Be informed: Informed Use of Power
Be compassionate: Conscious Use of Power
Be connected: Caring Use of Power
Be skillful: Skillful Use of Power

Right Use of Power is a dynamic way to explore issues of ethics and power, both personal and professional. This study can be profoundly restorative and empowering. This approach brings heart and soul to ethics, and builds sensitivity and awareness to the use of power and influence.

Faculty: Julia Corley, MA, LCHMCA, SEP, Certified Hakomi Trainer

Dates: March 9-10th, 2024, 4:00-8:00 pm CET(Central European Time)

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Julia Corley, MA, LCHMCA, SEP, Certified Hakomi Trainer

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