Annual Dues – Therapist / Practitioner

Hakomi Institute Annual Dues 2020

Dues form for
Certified Hakomi Therapists / Certified Hakomi Practitioners

Due Date: May 1, 2020


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If you are adding your website for the first time, we ask you to reciprocate with a link to our website, as this helps with our search engine rankings, which benefits us all. Once you have added this link to your website, please let us know the page where this link is located, and we will add your web address to your listing on the Hakomi Institute website.

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You may edit the “Basic” part of your Directory of Practitioners listing (name, credentials address, email, phone, website) at any time during the year when we do our monthly updates, but the “Extended” part of your listing may only be edited annually when you pay your dues.

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